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1 - self-contained vs remote

Cost, capacity and efficiency, as well as the layout of the store all determine the decisions to go with either self-contained or remote refrigeration cabinets..

This extract is a sample from the report about the important things to consider before accepting a refrigeration quote, which you can download here:
  • Make sure you are being offered semi-hermetic compressors. Read more...

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The President Hyper Vaal in Vanderbijlpark One of the biggest projects undertaken by Matador Refrigeration in its 56-year history.

There were numerous challenges in all aspects of design, installation, electronic control and monitoring and the sheer enormity of the system.

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Pick n Pay's new flagship store, The Falls, promises to bring the most environmentally friendly

and exclusive shopping experience to West Rand residents in Johannesburg. In addition, the store boasts an array of fresh...

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